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Nigerians slam ‘Arewa Twitter’ over damning comments on lady’s pool photos



Nigerians slam ‘Arewa Twitter’ over damning comments on lady’s pool photos

A section of Nigerian Twitter is presently at loggerheads with their countrymen from the Northern part of the country over their consistent condemnation of the mode of dressing of Muslim ladies on the microblogging site.

Twitter users from the Northern part of Nigeria popularly called Arewa Twitter are known for their controversial stance on moral, religious and ethical issues which does not sit well with Twitter users from other parts of the country.

Popular among some of the controversial issues that have pitched Arewa Twitter against other Nigerians is the vile reactions that trailed Nicki Minaj’s planned concert in Saudi Arabia.

Some Northern Nigeria Twitter users vehemently condemned the invitation of the American singer to the Islamic country on moral and religious grounds. Minaj, however, pulled out of the concert citing support for women’s rights, gay rights and freedom of expression.

There have also been cases where these set of Twitter users attack Northern Nigeria ladies for dressing in ways they claimed are not appropriate with Islam.

They court controversy again on Friday with their damning comments on the set of photos posted by a lady.

The lady @march_rios_ had taken to her Twitter page to share photos of herself in a swimming pool.

In the photos, the lady was seen putting on a trouser, a cap and a long sleeve top, leaving no part of her body exposed, unlike the usual way ladies dress to the pool in a swimsuit.

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Some men from the northern part of Nigeria camped in the comment section of the lady’s post admonishing and condemning her for ‘exposing her body’.

One of them, Mohamed Faisal, while condemning the post had tweeted:

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The tweets enraged some Nigerians on social media who came out in the lady’s defence and lambasted her trolls for being hypocrites.

They accused Arewa Twitter of being quick to attack ladies’ mode of dressing on social media and ignoring other important issues in their region like child marriage, torture centers and other social vices.

Kelvin Odanz wrote:

You’d find news of clerics sodomizing students in Koranic school and Arewa Twitter will keep mute; Torture centers uncovered and Arewa Twitter is quiet. But the moment there is news that Nicki Minaj wants to go and twerk in Saudi Arabia, Area Twitter will be up in arms.

“And this whole culture of policing what women wear more than anything is just so disturbing. A girl covered her hair, wore a pair of trousers and a long sleeve top into a swimming people but there is outrage that her nipple dared show

“Pedophilia is rampant in the North (both against little boys and little girls), but you hardly see anyone talk about it. The cleric who runs a Koranic school on the path to my family house was convicted of raping his students. Case swept under the carpet.

This whole pretence of piety is sometimes just annoying, especially when you log into Twitter. In Abuja, 80%-90% of Sugar daddies are men from the Arewa, their kids are the ones who spend their time policing what women wear on Twitter. Hypcricy galore.”


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Fatima Adu tweeted:

Defending their actions, @Bunyaemin tweeted:

See other reactions:

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