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Nissan shuts Barcelona plant with the loss of 2,800 jobs


Nissan is closing its factory in Barcelona with the loss of about 2,800 jobs after the Japanese carmaker plunged to a $6.2bn (£5bn) net loss in the last financial year.

The move is part of a global restructuring, but Nissan said it’s UK factory in Sunderland will stay open.

Nissan is cutting production and car models after sales fell before and during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s net loss is its first for more than 10 years.

Nissan is part of a three-way alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi, which are restructuring global operations to enable them to work more closely and cut costs.

Nissan said it would focus on several “key markets”, including Japan, North America and China.

In a press briefing, its boss said that it will “sustain” its presence in Europe but will leave more room for alliance partners there, such as Renault. There has been speculation that Renault could switch some production to the Sunderland factory.

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Nissan chief executive Makoto Uchida told the press briefing the company would maintain production at its Sunderland plant.

It will begin building cars there again in June, after production was paused due to coronavirus-related lockdown measures.

Mr Uchida described the closure of the Barcelona factory as “a very difficult decision”.

‘Sigh of relief’ for Sunderland workers
This is good news. For today, Nissan workers can breathe a sigh of relief that Sunderland has been recognised as an important production facility for the future.

However, lots of questions remain. Nissan has identified Japan, North America and China as “core” markets – not Europe. In Europe, Nissan’s alliance partner Renault will assume a greater role and influence in Europe at a time when the global car market will have to make very aggressive cost reductions.

The question may arise in the future – who is really in charge in Europe? If it’s Renault, what does that mean for future investment in a post-Brexit UK? Nissan alone said it had capacity to make seven million cars when it only needs capacity for five million.

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Only plants that can demonstrate an ability to be ruthless about cost will continue to attract investment. As Professor David Bailey tweeted this morning: “Once again, the workforce will have to pull out all the stops to work flexibly to get costs down”.

So, some belt tightening ahead, but workers in Sunderland will be thankful they are not in the same position as their Spanish and Thai counterparts, who are seeing plants closed down.

Drop in sales
On Thursday, Nissan also outlined plans to reduce the range of models of cars and trucks available in order to cut costs.

It said it would reduce the number of models from 69 to about 55 over the next few years, focusing instead on electric vehicles and sports cars.

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Nissan said that worldwide sales of its vehicles between January and April had dropped by 31.1% in comparison with the same period last year.

But even before the Covid-19 outbreak, Nissan’s sales and profits had been falling, forcing it to pull back from the ambitious expansion plan devised by now-ousted leader Carlos Ghosn.

The carmaker’s operating profit had tumbled for four years in a row as it chased market share, particularly in America, leading led to overcapacity at its car plants and steep discounts.

The pandemic added yet more pressure on the company to step up its cost-cutting efforts. On Thursday the company said it was too difficult to forecast its performance in the next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Uchida said that the firm’s key focus during the pandemic was now to “pursue steady growth”, instead of the massive sales expansion it pursued in the past.


Rape victims enjoy the act after being forced, Counsellor says



Counsellor George Lutterodt

Controversial marriage Counselor George Lutterodt is at it again again and this time he has spoken about rape victims.

He indicated that every rape victim enjoys the act when it gets to some point.

During a discussion on Adom TV, Counselor George Lutterodt repulsively described how women enjoy being raped.

He said the moment it enters and the place begins to get wet she feels small pains which makes the enjoyment develop. This was strongly disagreed by pundits on the show, as they stated his claims is not true.

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He explained that despite raping is not a good thing, the moment a victim is not willing to do it she starts to enjoy it after the incident beginning.

Counsellor Lutterodt is not new to making controversial statements, he once stated that Jesus smiles anytime his name is mentioned during sex.

While speaking from his base in the United States, the counsellor made mention that Jesus rather smiles whenever he hears his name being mentioned when people are having s3x.

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‘DR Anu inflicted me with pain’, Omohtee speaks after botched cosmetic surgery



Popular socialite, Omotola Taiwo Temilade, aka Omohtee, who had called out Dr Anu Adepoju of MedContour following a botched cosmetic surgery, has narrated how she became suicidal and had to spend millions to treat herself after the botched surgery.

In a chat with BBC Pidgin, Omohtee narrated how she wanted to make her tummy flat and “top-up” her butt. She decided to go to MedContour for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Liposuction.

She revealed that she paid 1.2 million Naira for the procedure – however, she said that after the procedure, her body was a mess. She couldn’t stand, her waist became numb.

“After the surgery, I started having complications. I started having belly burns, waist burns, waist numb, and after two months I started having fat necrosis.

“Fat necrosis is when liquid fat that has turned into dirt starts coming out. The thing will just come out like boil, e go come burst, start to dey comot the fat.

“Up till now, my waist is still numb. As I stand up like this, my body is not complete. One is bigger than the other.

“The wound wey she inflict on me still dey heal. I still dey go hospital Evey two two days interval. And to dress the wound, sometimes 7,000, sometimes 10, 000 it depends because sometimes I fit open the wound make another fat necrosis don dey beside the wound. Them go need do operation to bring that one out. Sometimes, maybe the wound don catch infection, them go need do swab. I go buy drug, I go buy this one.

“Money wey I don spend has run into millions, more than money wey I even use do the surgery from am.

“The wound, e dey my belle, e dey my butt, e dey plenty places for my body.”

She revealed that she was unable to bathe alone after surgery and her brothers had to help carry her. She added that she became suicidal and constantly thought of taking her life, so her brothers hid the knives and every other dangerous object in the house.

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She also stated that she constantly wonders who would marry her now that everyone knows she had a botched surgery. She said she currently doesn’t have a boyfriend and she isn’t sure anyone will want to be with her.

She said she shared her story for others to learn but the reaction she got afterwards was horrible as people mocked her and wished her dead.

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Reacting, Dr Anu put the blame on Omohtee for not following post-surgery instruction.

Dr Anu told BBC pidgin,

“She come hospital come see us for follow up when she get issues. And usually, when you advice patients on wetin to do after surgery and them no follow am because dem feel say dey sabi how to take care of themselves e dey give issues and at the end of the day, them go say na doctor cause am.”

Doctor Anu insisted that she is qualified to perform cosmetic surgery. She added that she has never claimed to be a plastic surgeon.

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Watch the video below;


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In Dubai, vacancies are for Africans but Nigerians can’t apply (Photos)



Dubai companies exclude Nigerian applicants from vacancies.

This is coming in the wake of the arrest and subsequent extradition of embattled Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi.

See screenshots of some vacancies which exclude Nigerians below:

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