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Nollywood actress who finally gave birth after waiting for 10 years tells her story


July 14 will go down in history as a day of double joy for actress and talk show host, Tricia Eseigbe-Kerry.

Indeed, that day was her birthday and also the day she gave birth to her daughter, after 10 years of waiting!

In an interview, the versatile role interpreter talks about how her family supported her during her darkest days of childlessness, and the joys of motherhood among other interesting issues. Enjoy it. 

Images of you and your hubby clutching your baby set social media on fire some days ago. Tell us how you felt when you delivered your baby?

Firstly, it can only be God, and we give God all the thanks and praises for this wonderful bundle of joy that He gave us; we cannot thank God enough. As for the reactions that greeted the arrival of our baby, it took us by surprise, and as I said in my first press statement, again I would like to thank everyone that celebrated us and most especially, the media, family, and friends. The outpouring of positive emotions that greeted the arrival of our baby was mind-blowing, and we say thank you! 

Ten years is a long time to wait for a baby. What were your challenges and how did you cope during those 10 years of waiting?

This is a very good question and I would answer it from the depths of my heart. Obviously, as you said, it was 10 years of stigmatization, 10 years of ridicule, 10 years of unprecedented orthodox and traditional medical procedures, all in the quest to have a baby. But we thank God we are here to tell a positive story after this traumatic last 10 years. Be it physical, mental, spiritual, financial, psychological, any way you can describe it; it wasn’t a pleasant journey. I managed to cope with my faith in God and His grace that strengthens me to this day.

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Was there pressure from your in-laws and how did you handle it?

Fortunately, there was no pressure from my in-laws, my husband, and my family. I have a very superb family support system, which helped in coping as well. I know it is not the case with everyone and I would like to use this medium to plead with our society not to pressure women that are experiencing the same challenges like I did because it is a very difficult journey which does not require unnecessary pressure from in-laws, family, and friends. There are so many things physically, mentally, and medically that these women are going through. These are parts of the things that motivated me in setting up my foundation about women and children christened, Boldfaces Women & Children Development Initiative. I truly pray that people will give women that are looking for the fruits of the womb more positive support.

How does it feel being a mother after 10 years of waiting?

t is exciting; we give God all the glory. It is every woman’s dream and our society’s expectation that once you get married, you start having children. But the most important thing is that children are the next generation. I am happy. 

How was your husband able to cope for 10 years without a child, and what were those special things he did that encouraged and kept you going?

I want to believe that question is for him, but I can assure you that I didn’t get any stress from him since the day we got married on December 19, 2009, to date. I was the one more stressed out while he was super-chilled. He is a man that believes that children or no children, it is the man and the woman that will always grow old together because the children will come, grow and move on into a new family. Also, he is a man of faith that believes that whatever that has been declared in heaven shall come to pass on earth. It is all about patience and God’s time is surely the best. In other words, as the scripture says, iron sharpeneth iron, which means his faith aligned with mine, and that kept us going. He is a very confident believer in the Almighty God and that is a strength on its own, strong enough to weather the storm. At the end of the day, our God came through for us. 

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What advice do you have for couples seeking children after years of marriage?

It is important for them to know that at the end of the day, children or no children, the couple’s bonding is most needed in handling their situation. I am talking about both physical and spiritual bonding because they only have each other to deal with in all the adversity that comes with not having a child. Secondly, as a believer, unwavering faith is needed even when science states otherwise because faith will unlock uncommon graces that will change the situation. Never give up, hold on to God almighty, and keep hope alive no matter what happens. 

Could you recall your labor room drama, was your husband by your side in the labor room?

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On the 13th of July, my birthday eve, I was looking forward to my birthday when a contraction started. I called Dr. Sharon, my doctor to inform her; she is an integral part of my journey and she advised we came in because that wasn’t my due date, which we did. Yes, my husband was there by my side as supportive as ever. And hours into my birthday, I gave birth to my lovely baby girl. We give God all the glory. 

Your husband was in the labor room with you. What were the special things he did to encourage you?

I was in too much pain to know. But like I said, he was there and supportive as always; reassuring, calming, and praying for me. 

Was there any time you gave up hope on motherhood and considered adoption as a way out?

No, I never thought of it but that is not to say there is anything wrong with adoption, because I have always encouraged people to adopt. It depends on individual situations. With mine, I have always had positive results with near misses, and I knew that one day, I will get to the finish line. And as believers, we cannot give up on God because he never gave upon us. That is why I always say to people ‘keep hope alive, your miracle is on the way.’ 10 years or more, it doesn’t matter. Our God is on the throne and at His appointed time, He will come through as He did for me; He will do what He did for me for you.


Nollywood now a den of Yahoo boys, prostitutes – Yemi Solade



Yemi Solade

Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade has made a damming revelation about the Nigerian movie industry.

In a recent chat with NigerianTribune, the  60-year-old revealed that the gatekeepers of Nollywood have allowed non-professionals fill spaces meant for those who truly have the passion for the craft.

“The Nollywood is not there right now. The Nollywood you see now is all-encompassing. It’s like an uncompleted building that is not guarded and what you meet there would amaze you.

“It has become an all comers affair, anybody can stroll in and act.

“All the Yahoo boys are now there, all the prostitutes that you can imagine are there.

“People cannot even differentiate between the core professionals and these class of clowns who have infiltrated the association, but they didn’t just fly in, some people whom you refer to as core professionals brought them in.

“It’s just so porous that anybody can become an actor, the entry point is so porous and annoying.

“It’s a profession and it must be handled and treated as one. I am not really pleased with the state of the industry.

“It’s a professional body and we must portray ourselves as one that has mastered the art and craft of the profession,” he said.

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BBNaija apologises for calling Kiddwaya serial flirt




Organisers of the Big Brother Naija have apologised for labelling season 5 housemate, Kiddwaya, a “serial flirt.”

An article which was posted on the Africa Magic website on Sunday was tagged “offensive” by Big Brother Naija fans, saying it painted Kiddwaya, 27, in a bad light.

Following the post, the hashtag #JusticeForKiddwaya started trending on Twitter as Nigerians expressed their dissatisfaction with the post.

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Few hours after, the show’s organisers apologised on Twitter for the “embarrassing” post.

“Well that was embarrassing! We admit we got a little too carried away and we let our emotions get the best of us. Please remember that the power, as always, remains in your hands. #BBNaija,” they said.

Kiddwaya had recently told Nengi that he was in the house to flirt and not get into a serious relationship after Erica broke up with him.

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He later took Nengi on flirting class, advising her to flirt cautiously with her love interests in the house.

See tweet below:

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Okiki Afolayan gifts wife, Bimbo, brand new Lexus SUV on her birthday



Bimbo Afolayan

Movie producer, Okiki Afolayan, has gifted his actress wife a brand new SUV  as she marks her birthday today, 9th of August 2020.

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Afolayan who is celebrating her birthday today, 9th of August has received the most expensive birthday gift among all the gifts she has been getting these past few days.

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Bimbo’s husband, Okiki Afolayan, who is also a movie producer decided to surprise his wife with a brand new Lexus SUV on her birthday.

According to research, the brand new car is said to be worth almost 20 million naira.

Sharing pictures of the brand new Lexus SUV on his page, the filmmaker wrote;


Okiki Afolayan


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