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PROSECUTE HIM! Nigerians lambaste Ondo hunter who reportedly killed an elephant in Idanre


PROSECUTE HIM! Nigerians lambaste Ondo hunter who reportedly killed an elephant in Idanre

Nigerians have called for the arrest and prosecution of a hunter who reportedly killed an elephant in Idanre, Ondo State.

A picture of the man posing with his kill while onlookers watched on had gone viral on Tuesday, but while the hunter was probably expecting praises he got insults.

Many Nigerians also called on the Ondo State Government to arrest and prosecute him, noting that elephants and other wildlife are endangered species in the country.


Ibangason Paul The hunter should be arrested and be sentenced life imprisonment… What nonsense, this is bullshit and I condemn it in all totality.

Sanni Olatunde This is not good at all!!! Why killing the animal. I think the man should be prosecuted.

Talabi Mathew This is wickedness, it is absolutely callous to kill animals that people pay millions of dollars to watch in south Africa, what a wicked generation, don’t u watch Nageo wild, u people are celebrating criminality, law enforcement agents where are u,all these people should be put in jail, l regret being a Nigerian, no respect for animal life even human life too

Arimah Oseloka Look at how the bastard put leg on the animal to pose with it. Foolish illiterate. Nigeria is cursed

Anisere Abayomi U can kill it in Nigeria but in d US u spend d rest of your life in prison.
D best option is to seek how to capture d elephant than killing ,omg I guess it’s gonna be eaten as I trust una eran igbe

Qomorudeen Issa Abiodun All the peoples who is abusing dis man are fool what is ur bcs is it today u av been hearing dat someone killed an elephant?or is it belong to someone?pls dont mind dem jare,eni tobanse nkan gidi laye ma n korira jare…….pls kill more.

Ekerette-Alvin Ikpe This is upsetting… Our conservation culture is so poor or non-existent

Oke Isaiah Abidemi Black mentality we can never be like other nations if this continue. Other countries make huge money by keeping this creatures.. So sad for Nigeria


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