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RELATIONSHIP TIPS! Seven important things you should never do on a first date


RELATIONSHIP TIPS! Seven important things you should never do on a first date

A lot of people pass through several difficulties in securing a good relationship despite the enormous population of people out there looking for a perfect love life.

It is normal for people to get attracted to each other at first sight but the most important thing is how they sustain such attraction; little things unknowingly to us can easily kill such attraction and appear like it never existed.

In starting a new relationship there are important things one needs to look out for otherwise you might be leaving a bad relationship to a worse one hence living a cyclical life unintentionally.

Below are seven things you should never do on a first date:

1. Constantly check your phone: When you go out on a date and either of you gets engrossed with your mobile phone can be very annoying. It shows you are not listening to a word the other person is saying. This is a rude, and disrespectful behaviour. The worst is even when the phone is on the table, right there in between the two of you, like it’s on the date too.

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2. Talk about your ex: Of course, either of you might have experienced one or two bad relationships but that is not a yardstick to make it the subject matter on your first date. Remember that the very essence of the date is to get to know each other and decide if you can be together and start your love life afresh.

3. Swear too much: Swearing can be hilarious in the right context. However, if your entire vocabulary is limited to a combo of bollocks, tits and fucks, it can come across as rude, aggressive and kind of foolish or stupid.

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4. Refuse to pay your way: It is an instant boner killer when your date doesn’t even pretend to make a grab for their wallet when the bill comes. Realistically, splitting the bill or taking it in turns could be a welcomed development.

5. Turn up late: Lateness is something to be avoided especially on a first date. If you know you have somewhere important to be, you should just leave on time in order to get there soon. Being late sends a wrong signal, it presents you like someone who actually values your own time more than someone else’s and it is a bad notion for starters.

6. Constantly check your appearance: Before going out on a first date, one would have done all the necessary things to look presentable and dazzling. It becomes an embarrassment when you seat across the table with your date and keeps checking yourself out in the knife’s reflection. This is an instant turn-off. Taking care of your appearance is one thing, but self-obsession is another, so find the balance.

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7. Offer unwanted life advice: First date is not a pep talk session between two prospective lovers. There are several people out there who will either try to plan your own career for you or patronisingly offer advice for your life in general. To avoid unintentionally pissing off your date, keep your unwanted advice to yourself and discuss more important issues.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan

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