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Reno Omokri goes on rant, says Nigerians spend more importing human hair than books

Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri goes on rant, says Nigerians spend more importing human hair than books

Social commentator and former aide of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, on Thursday took to Twitter in a rant that covers from human hair importation to Nigeria’s population explosion.

Omokri, who described himself on the microblogging platform as a “Deep Thinker. #1 Bestselling author of Facts V Fiction: True Story of GEJ Years. Avid traveller. Table Shaker. Buhari Tormentor. Sharer of Gospel, not gossip”, said if he were president he would ban the importation of human hair.

His reasons? Nigerians spent more on human hair than importing books.

The self-acclaimed ‘Buhari tormentor’ also noted that “many African languages will be extinct in 50 years. He wondered why federal lawmakers speak English at plenary and sittings.

In series of tweets, Omokri said

As a proud African, speak your native language to your kids. Give them native names. It is very cool. Do you see Whites speaking African languages or giving their kids African names? Our culture is worth preserving

Many African languages will be extinct in 50 years because Africans are the only people who think speaking a foreign language gives them prestige. Nothing is as prestigious as speaking your own native language

How well an African speaks English does NOT make him civilised, if he can’t speak his language. It is your identity. Your kids can still be Christian and Muslim if they bear native names. It doesn’t disqualify them.

I am very well-travelled and Africans are the only people I know, who take pride in speaking a foreign language with a PERFECT ACCENT, even when they can’t speak their native language. A LOAN is not your MONEY!

Take Nigeria, the largest Black nation on Earth. English is spoken at her National Assembly. Why? @NGRSenate and @HouseNGR members should speak in their native tongues and someone can translate to English

Poor Nigerian broadcasters/OAPs lose their Nigerian accents to speak in foreign accents, because Nigerian inferiority complex is complicated (imagine that)! Meanwhile, @CNN rated Nigerian accent the world’s 6th best!

All my children were born in America. All of them have Itsekiri names. My eldest understands Itsekiri because I promote it to her. Mind you, I myself was resident in the US at 9 and I speak my language

I must commend East African and Horn of Africa nations. I went to Kenya and Tanzania, and nobody told me before I learnt passable Swahili. Why can’t the whole of Black Africa be proud of their language like them?

The excuse that giving your children a White sounding name will help their progress, especially in the West, is just that, an EXCUSE. @BarackObama’s Kenyan father gave him a Kenyan name. Look where he got to!

As an African, dont go abroad and change your name from kayode, for example, to Kay. Kayode is authentic. Keep it. It makes you unique. If Westerners can pronounce Schwarzenegger, they can definitely pronounce your name!

I have read Bible and Quran. There is nowhere in both books that says you must name your kids Biblical or Quranic names for them to be Christian or Muslim. A name doesn’t make you a believer. Bear your African name

In a bid to Europeanise ourselves, Africans reject their language and their colour. We speak in foreign accents and bleach our skins. Go and read Scripture. Solomon wrote a whole book in praise of Black beauty!

I am so glad I am not an African President, because I would be EXTREMELY unpopular. My first act would be to ban importation of Human (White/Asian) hair and bleaching creams. BLACK is BEAUTIFUL would be my motto

Let me shock you. The money Africa uses to import human hair/bleaching cream is MORE than money we spend on importing books! @Google it. It is more important for us to look European than for us to acquire knowledge

The biggest mental disease in Africa is Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS), whereby Africans travel on a 2 week holiday to London for example, and return with an American accent! Love your accent and others will love it

The most successful Nigerian internationally is @NOIweala. Both she and Chimamanda Adichie speak in their natural Nigerian accent wherever they go. Being YOURSELF brings great SUCCESS! Your African accent opens doors

The way things are going, unless Nigeria restructures, she will IMPLODE. I don’t see Nigeria restructuring, because the North is against it. There WILL be CRISIS, especially in the North. It will keep getting worse. Nigeria’s current structure can’t sustain her population growth!

Nigeria spends 80% of her revenue paying salaries to 0.5% of her population. It is unsustainable, but some Northern leaders don’t want to restructure. Our population is growing 3 times faster than our economy. If we don’t restructure, we will IMPLODE

If Nigeria does not restructure, the hold Northern leaders think they have over Nigeria will fade, because crisis, especially in the North, will increase. Boko Haram is a POVERTY issue stemming from 12.5 million out of school kids in Northern Nigeria

KIDNAPPING, BOKO HARAM, KILLER HERDSMEN all occur because our economy is growing at 1%, while our population is growing at almost 3%. In fact, if you isolate the North, the population growth is even worse. Without restructuring, Nigeria WILL implode

There is going to be a massive POPULATION DISPLACEMENT in Nigeria. Northern Nigeria can no longer sustain Northerners due to UNCHECKED POPULATION GROWTH. There will be a movement down South. In places like Lagos, the Yoruba will soon be minorities

Nigeria has a population of 200 million. Our budget (not revenue. Our revenue cant fund our budget) is less than what New York spends on health. Our POPULATION is SKYROCKETING, ECONOMY is NOSEDIVING. We will spend most of our budget paying salaries

Recently I read of a Zamfara woman who died leaving over 100 grandkids. There are hundreds of thousands like her in Northern Nigeria. If you talk of the unchecked population growth, you‘re labelled antiNorth. It‘s the root of Boko Haram, banditry, etc

This idea Northern rulers drummed into Northerners that they should increase in number to rule the yan kudu (Southerners), has turned Nigeria to hell. We dont compete to grow our economy. We compete to grow our population for the purpose of elections

Just imagine what will happen when oil finishes or becomes obsolete (it is happening). What will happen to Nigeria? What will happen to Northern Nigeria? 12.5 million out of school kids. Population growth rate of almost 3%. I shudder at the thought!

Money that should be spent on education, health and infrastructure is spent fighting Boko Haram and other insecurity which are a DIRECT result of unchecked population growth solely for winning election. Can you imagine campaigning by reproducing!

Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” We reject restructuring, yet want to get better. We think Nigeria will grow by spending 50% of our budget on salaries and 25% servicing debt?

It is sad Nigerians still think oil is the biggest source of funding for their budget. No! Foreign and domestic loans is the biggest source. Worse is that Nigeria borrows, not to build roads or schools, but to pay salaries of unproductive POLITICIANS

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