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SARS officers allegedly brutalise innocent boy, threatened to shoot his dog


SARS officers allegedly brutalise innocent boy, threatened to shoot his dog

There seems to be no end in sight for brutality operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) keep meting out to innocent Nigerians as a man has called out policemen attached to SARS for allegedly brutalising his elder brother.

Broda Franklin/@ZaheedBerry, in a Twitter thread, said the SARS operatives had stormed their house around 5am on Monday. They, however, could not enter the compound for over two hours because of a dog, a Rottweiler named Cade, who repelled them.

However, when they threatened to shoot Cade, Broda Frankin’s brother decided to let them into the compound “so they won’t overdo things like they always do.”

But as soon as he opened the door, a SARS official punched him on the mouth, called him a fraudster and attempted to handcuff him.

He was, however, let go after nothing incriminating was found on his phone.

The SARS officer, in a magnanimous mood, gave the victim N1000 for transport.

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Broda Franklin wrote,

So sars officials came around 5am this morning and was in the compound for over 2 hours cause the could not gain entrance cause Cade ( Rottweiler in the second picture). They threatened to shot the dog cause he’s the only they can’t get inside the house..

So my bro decided to go out so they won’t overdo things like they always do.. On getting outside, One of them gave him a blow right on this face immediately he stepped out of the house, Cade was so furious and almost broke the net cause he always stays indoor with us..

Next thing a fire was shot cause my cousin was dragging with them when they started rough handling my bro… So he tried to handcuff him and he was like kini mo se ti e fi fe fi handcuff simi lowo and they were like ole ni… Iwo omo yahoo oshi YI.. DUDE fucking sell Dog and wears.

Based on his explanation after he was released… They couldn’t find a damn thing tied to yahoo on his phone, these people need to know not every youth out there are into scam…How can you come into someone’s house and harras him, and now the idiots are pleading that it’s wrong information they followed…

Just imagine these people pleading cause my bro promised the officer who hits him he’s gonna make sure he suffer for his deed… Diabolically (( omo Egbado no dey play))…

After listening to voice notes and his checking his chats one signalled saying na bad market, Dude is in pain and officer who did this be chilling or probably on his next target…

No be all youths dey do scam na. POLICE brutality is getting too much, stupid officer even gave him 1k for t-fare…

Now he’s got a swollen face even though they saw he’s fucking legit. Funniest part he doesn’t even own a car… Motor baba wa loun lo…
What’s d essence of having a home when you’re not even safe from so said Security Agents, U handled a suspect like a criminal..

Now they are calling to check up on him and pleading… #ENDSAR cause their brutality is getting too much…

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