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Seven signs that boyfriend is no longer feeling the relationship



Seven signs that boyfriend is no longer feeling the relationship

No doubts, relationships always have their ups and downs. But at some points it is worth auditing to see if the signs are the normal everyday relationship perils or they are signs of impending doom that must not be ignored.

Here are seven signs mainly shown by guys, that show your relationship is burning low on gas and may soon die finally.
1.He doesn’t let you into his personal life
If a guy is really into a relationship with you, he’d show you off to his friends and family. he’d let you into some personal things, in varying degrees as the relationship grows stronger.
However, if you aren’t invited to family events or to hang out with his friends and he keeps his life very personal and quiet, and you’re always guessing whether that’s his nature or not, sorry he is losing interest in you.
2. He talks about other girls
When your boyfriend is into you, your attributes, your aura and the whole of you crowds out the thoughts of other girls from his mind.
If he’s looking at or talking about other girls, he doesn’t have eyes for you and that’s an obvious sign of disinterest. He’s actually finding other ladies more attractive than you. Take note its a red light.
3. He rushes conversation with you
A sure sign of dying interest is seen in the length and depth of your conversation. He doesn’t ask you about your day, and even if he does, he sounds disinterested and doesn’t ask for more. He’s just going through the motions but wants the conversation to be over before it’s even started.
4. He takes swipes at your self-esteem
If your boyfriend is constantly picking fights with you and misinterpreting everything you say and do, you have the sign already that the relationship is almost over. Do you feel like you’re running around in circles and defending yourself even when you’re being nice? Unless, you’re spending in code, there’s a bigger problem and it has nothing to do with you.
5. He apologises for the same offences over and over again without remorse
Sorry is just a word unless there’s a real effort made to not make the same mistake again. If your man says sorry when he cheats, sorry when he slaps you, sorry when you catch him with another lady then it doesn’t count anymore. He can as well print sorry on the wall and point to it every time he needs to apologise.
6. He is more concerned about sex, sex and sex
It’s good to cuddle, but when the only compliments you get are about your body and how good the sex was then you know when the sex isn’t good any more, it is all over.
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7. He Remember Nothing About You
You have full conversations that he cannot recollect.He heard you mention your June birthday five times but sill swears you were born in July. If the only thing he remembers is your address and his favourite bra-and-pant set, then your relationship is headed for the rocks.


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