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Six secrets to better sex

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Six secrets to better sex

Sex is natural, healthy and good for you. Below are six secrets to better your sex life.

Communication – Talk to your partners about your desires, likes, dislikes and be as open as possible. Don’t assume they know what you want and when they are talking, you listen.

Feel the love – Happy people who feel loved and appreciated by their partners want more and have more and better sex.

Hugs – Hugs and touching releases oxytocin. The closer to our partners, the more interested the intimacy.

Scheduled a sex date – Scheduling a time for sex gives both partners something to look forward to.

Reduce alcohol intake – Too much alcohol can lessen sensitivity and can kill your climax. It can decrease blood flow due to dehydration. Without blood flow, the big game is over before it is started.

Exercise – A daily workout increases the blood flow to all important areas of the body. It makes the woman’s body more sensitive to touch and stimulation. Exercise increases sex drive and more stamina in men.

Source: WebMD

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