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STOP ASKING AND COLLECTING GIFTS! Criticisms trail Daddy Freeze for accepting iPhone from fan


STOP ASKING AND COLLECTING GIFTS! Criticisms trail Daddy Freeze for accepting iPhone from fan

Controversial on-air personality,  Freeze, has been heavily criticised for accepting an iPhone from one of his fans on Instagram.

Many of his Instagram followers called him out and lambasted him saying that he should practice what he preaches.

The leader of the “free the sheeple online church” who is known to criticise and condemn “men of God” for accepting gifts from their members and living flamboyant lifestyles appears to have shot himself in the leg.

A few days ago Freeze had taken to his IG page to complain of his faulty Samsung phone. See the post,

“After suffering for months with my swollen Samsung phone… A phone I bought brand new o… A distinguished gentleman code name *ice* my brother from the ancient city of IBADAN and wonderful member of our Church sent this gift to me.

“No more teaching live and having to fan my fingers from the heat that Samsung was generating.. No more embarrassing pregnant phones for me…… and with more memory on tap, my jobs been made easier.

“Big shout out also to @carolstuff2849 who got me my other iPhone. Now teaching every day for an hour will be a breeze.”

However, his fans opined that he was going against his teachings by accepting the gift. Many accused him of having the same selfish motive as the “men of God” he preached against.

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Meanwhile, the outspoken Freeze who is never one to stomach insults has also defended accepting the gift.  Using a passage from the bible he wrote,

“I know some people would love to delete this portion of the red and black bible (LUKE8:3) but it’s there; glaring for all to see.

“If Jesus had reasonable support for his ministry, there is nothing wrong with that, NOTHING…

“In the #FreeNation in Christ we ‘SHARE’ we don’t ‘GIVE’ and this is a perfect opportunity to ask if you stand with us, if not, at this juncture you can leave, remember the path is narrow and a crowd can’t fit into it. ◄ Luke 8:3 ►.”

See some comments:

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