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Students sell school gate to scrap dealer

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Students sell school gate to scrap dealer

Some students of the Kumasi Technical Institute in Ghana have dislodged their school gate and deposited it with a scrap dealer for sale.

According to Ghanaweb, the metal gate was found at the workshop of a scrap dealer after the students went on a rampage over the weekend attacking teachers and vandalizing school installations.

The students were said to be protesting against what they called ill-treatment from a Senior House Master.

The House Master reportedly confronted one of the students for wearing unapproved attire during evening studies, also known as preps.

A clearly angered teacher who narrated the rather baffling loss of the school’s gate on condition of anonymity disclosed that the students had handed over the gate to the scrap dealer and had promised to come see him the next day in the morning; to negotiate a good price for their merchandize.

“They are technical guys so they knew how to take off the gate. They even attempted removing another gate but they couldn’t because it was cast in the concrete slab,” he recounted.

The teacher lamented that in all his 35 years of teaching in the Second Cycle Institution, he had never witnessed that level of insubordination from students.

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Sources say unruly behaviour has become the order of the day at the institute, especially among the final year students.

In the presence of the school’s principal Mrs Andoh Mensah, the students were reportedly daring the teachers and security personnel at the gates using all manner of swear words questioning why the gates have been closed.

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The principal and the teachers had to take safety precautions as the clearly errant students begun throwing stones in their direction.

Mensah was worried the behaviour of the students continues to give the school a bad name as she insisted that such acts of lawlessness do not occur in other technical schools across the country.

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She, however, sternly warned that students will not be allowed to dictate to the school their own rules aside from the disciplinary standards set by the school and the Ghana Education Service.

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