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TEACHER GOES GAGA! Thrashes two-year-old pupil for excreating on herself


TEACHER GOES GAGA! Thrashes two-year-old pupil for excreating on herself

A furious mother has taken to social media to lament the serious punishment a teacher gave her two-year-old daughter for allegedly excreating on herself.

The mom, who uses the handle @bags1_etcetra on Instagram, shared the picture of the girl with several welts on her back.

She asked her followers for suggestions on how to handle the matter, saying:

I am literally going crazy, like losing my mind!!! How can a teacher beat my 2yrs old daughter like this, and to this extent? Just because she pooped on herself/body? How do I go about this cos I am boiling inside and I don’t want to do something I might regret later.

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The post generated a lot of anger from her followers with several suggesting she gets a cane, walk into the school, flog the teacher and, then, report the matter at a police station.

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One @houseoftemi said:

Pls where is the school and the name of the teacher. I wan join you go beat the teacher 

@fragranceandtrips wrote:

First beat her up and have her arrested. Is she mad. How can she do that to a two year old.  Mate don\u2019t let her get away with it. Have the head teacher arrested too for employing a criminal.

@hallelb_photograpy said:

“Totally unacceptable, something has to give, make sure something gives

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@dior_uv wrote:

If I was the one I won’t be able to wait for school authorities to deal with this. I will face the teacher, finish her big time and remove my daughter from the school. In the new school I will let them know the reason why I left the previous school and the action I made just in case they are also crazy there, they should beware of me”,

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