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Technology is ruining family bond – FCT residents


Some residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have complained that technology was responsible for the gradual loss of family bond.

The respondents, who spoke with Newsmen on Sunday, noted that while technology has made life easier in certain aspects, it has contributed to loss of family values.

Technology includes forms of digital and media hardware and software such as television, phones, networking platforms especially social media.

Some parents admitted that it was a struggle to keep up with group family activities without every member of the family distracted by their phones.

Meanwhile, others decried the decreasing rate at which children played in the open and engaged in physical recreational activities.

Mrs Bamidele Adejugbagbe, a mother of three, said, “I cannot even pretend that it is not an issue. Technology has done some harm to the family unit.

“These days, it is hard to get everyone to concentrate on the same thing at the same time.

“While you are talking, someone is on the phone or playing a video game. It’s like we are all busy having fun but now in units, and not as a group.”

For Mr Pius Oyubu, the main issue is that technology has created a false sense of connection for families while actively killing the bond.

He said, “These days, families have WhatsApp groups and chat rooms. They follow each other on social media and that is most times where it ends.

“These people might not talk as much in real life but they feel the communication vacuum has been bridged by the scanty WhatsApp group conversation.”

Similarly, Emmanuel Akindele, a 28-year-old banker, admitted that he rarely feels the need to see his family physically as they communicate regularly online.

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He and some other respondents in his age range said that they subconsciously found themselves toying with their phones at family functions and distracted most of the time.

He said, “I hear that in our parent’s days, people made it a point of duty to sit in the evenings and have conversations, share stories and teach life lessons.

“Now, I can’t remember the last time I had a lengthy conversation with my parents in person.

“Things are just dropped in the family group chat and there is this sense that you can always call the person so there is no need to have physical conversations.

“With this, coupled with the fact that we are always pressing our phones, even when nothing interesting is happening in it, are signs that we are losing family values,” Akindele said.

However, some respondents slightly disagree. They noted that while technology might have hastened the process, pressure of the society were responsible for the gradual loss in family bond.

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Miss Onyinye Okoye said, “I don’t really think its technology. Societies change and now we are becoming more suspicious so we don’t let children play outside.

“Also, the economic downturn in. the world has led people to work harder than before, thereby spending more time away from their families in order to provide.

“These things have a way of reducing the familiarity and bond as families have begun to spend less time together.”

Julius Omokhodion shared similar opinion. He stated that technology had in some way, helped keep the little family bond left, intact.

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According to him, the world is too fast-paced for families to spend the amount of time they used to spend together.

He added that technology had helped families connect even when they could not see physically.



Professor sacked for saying ‘slavery was not genocide’



Canterbury Christ Church University has bowed to pressure from students and labour unions to sack Historian David Starkey after the visiting professor claimed in an interview that ‘slavery was not genocide’ because ‘so many damn blacks live in Africa and Britain.’

The 75-year-old academic who is a visiting professor at the university made the comments during an online interview with Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes for YouTube channel Reasoned UK.

During the interview, Starkey said:

“Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there? An awful lot of them survived and again there’s no point in arguing against globalisation or Western civilisation. They are all products of it, we are all products of it.

“The honest teaching of the British Empire is to say, quite simply, it is the first key stage of our globalisation. It is probably the most important moment in human history and it is still with us.”

The interview sparked a backlash online, even British-Nigerian historian David Olusoga reacted, tweeting,

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‘This is truly disgusting. And by the same ridiculous, twisted logic the Holocaust would not be counted as a genocide.’

The university has now put out a statement announcing the professor’s sack while apologizing to students and staff of the school.

In a statement today Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam College said:

“The Master has accepted Dr David Starkey’s resignation of his honorary fellowship with immediate effect.

“Fitzwilliam prides itself in leading the way in Cambridge in opening access to higher education for under-represented groups. Our student and academic bodies are diverse and welcoming to all. We do not tolerate racism.

“Honorary fellows have the same responsibility as all members of our college to uphold our values.”

Vice-chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University Professor Rama has also apologised.

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He said:

“Widely reported comments by historian David Starkey during a recent online interview are, in our view, completely unacceptable and do not reflect the values of our university and community. We have therefore terminated, with immediate effect, Dr Starkey’s visiting professorship.

“I would like to say sorry to colleagues and students who will have been offended and upset by such comments of this appalling nature, and in particular in these challenging and difficult times for us all.”

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My husband throws condoms used on his girlfriend in my face, wife tells court



bride price

A 60-year-old Zambian woman has told the court that she would reconcile with her 89-year-old husband if only he undergoes an HIV test.

According to the woman, her husband throws used condoms in her face whenever he came back from having sex with other women.

“My 89-yr-old husband throws the condoms that he uses on his girlfriend in my face and tells me that I am a worthless person,” she said.

According to the Zambia Observer, the woman identified as Astridah Bwale testified that her 89-yr-old  husband, Rodrick Mwale told her that she stinks and that there were beautiful women out there who were better than her.

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She told the court that she never saw her husband’s salary and he does not buy food for the family.

Astridah alleged that Rodrick only spent money on his girlfriends.

The plaintiff narrated that her husband got his retirement package without her knowledge and that she had no idea how he used the money.

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She also complained that Rodrick had in the last four years been sleeping at his girlfriend’s house and that it was the reason that they did not have sex.

The plaintiff also said that she and her family lived in a house without a roof due to the failure by the defendant to buy roofing sheets.

She told the court that she was willing to reconcile with her 89-yr-old husband as long as he agrees to go for an HIV test.

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Problems between the couple who had nine children started in 1988 after her husband found a job.

Testifying earlier,  Rodrick told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2015 after his wife stopped washing for him.

He told the court that his wife also started starving him sexually and that the two have never had sex since 2015.

Ganerton senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda reconciled the couple and ordered them to go for an HIV test.


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Man battles NCDC staff who came to take him to their center for Quarantine (Video)



A video making rounds online, shows Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, officials battling with a suspected COVID-19 patient who was refusing to go with them to the isolation centre.

In the video, two officials of the NCDC dressed in their complete PPE can be seen dragging and carrying the man out of his gates while he cursed them out, shouting that he does not want to go with them.

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Turning deaf ears to his request, the officials continued to drag him.


Watch the video below;


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