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THE GREAT GARRETT UNDERPANTS! Five-year-old boy writes his obituary before dying of cancer


THE GREAT GARRETT UNDERPANTS! Five-year-old boy writes his obituary before dying of cancer

A five-year-old boy from Van Meter, Iowa, Garrett Michael Matthias, died July 6 after battling cancer since September 2017.

The unique thing about the adorable boy whose cancer resisted treatment and continued to spread further until he died was that he wrote his own obituary and described how he wants to be buried.

During this time, his mother, Emilie said she and her husband talked to Garrett about death when the topic arose after a sad moment in a movie.

“I’d say things like, ‘When I die, I want to turn into a star,'” Emilie said. “He’d say, ‘I want to be burned like in “Thor,” and then I want to become a gorilla.”

Garrett suffered from stage 4 Alveolar Fusion Negative Rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS) – a rare form of cancer that affected his temporal bone, cranial nerve and inner ear.

With the help of his parents Emilie and Ryan Matthias, Garrett lived his best life.

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See the touching obituary he wrote himself,

Garrett Michael Matthias AKA “The Great Garrett Underpants”

Of Van Meter, Iowa –

My name is: Garrett Michael Boofias

My birthday is: I am 5 years old

My address is: I am a Bulldog!

My favorite color is: Blue….and Red and Black and Green

My favorite superhero is: Batman…and Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Cyborg

When I grow up: I’m going to be a professional boxer

My favorite people are:

•Mommy, Daddy, my sister ‘Delcina’ (Delphina),

•The grandparents with the new house (Fredric and Cheryl Krueger),

•The grandparents with the camper (Daniel and Nita Matthias),

•My cousins: Grady, ‘that guy I took down that one time’ (Luke), and London Marie,

•My Auntie Janette and Stinky Uncle Andy (Andrew and Janette Krueger),

•Those two guys, you know, my uncles (Kristopfer Krueger and James Taylor)


The things I love the most: Playing with my sister, my blue bunny, thrash metal, Legos, my daycare friends, Batman and when they put me to sleep before they access my port.

Things I hate: Pants!, dirty stupid cancer when they access my port, needles, and the monkey nose that smells like cherry farts…I do like the mint monkey nose like at Mayo Radiation and that one guy that helped me build Legos (Randy)

When I die: I am going to be a gorilla and throw poo at Daddy!

Burned or Buried: I want to be burned (like when Thor’s Mommy died) and made into a tree so I can live in it when I’m a gorilla

Big or Small Funeral: Funerals are sad: I want 5 bouncy houses (because I’m 5), Batman, and snow cones”.

Garrett ended with: “See ya later, suckas! – The Great Garrett Underpants.”

The family went on to thank the doctors, nurses, child life specialists, musicians, art therapists, and volunteers that worked tirelessly to cure Garrett of his cancer.

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According to the family, Garrett never lost his sense of humour and loved to tease the doctors and nurses, he was forever a prankster.

A GoFundMe page was created for donations directly his family to cover for medical and other expenses.

Garrett’s parents will honour his final wishes by having a Celebration of Life on July 14th and a symbolic Asgardian burial ceremony and fireworks will be held just after sunset.

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A private burial of Garrett’s ashes will be held at a later time once his parents figure out how to get his ashes made into a tree and locate a nature preserve, so his tree resides in a protected area, the obituary said.

See photos of the little boy:

Garrett Matthias

Garrett Matthias

Photo Credit: Emilie Kreuger Matthias/Facebook

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