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Ali Baba

Ace comedian, AliBaba, has revealed the real reason former finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, resigned.

AliBaba who claimed to have spoken with “some people” in the corridors of power said that Nigerians have been misled and have falling prey to the controversial National Youth Service Corps certificate sage that shrouded Adeosun.

The comedian via his Instagram page said it’s the election year and Adeosun resigned because she refused to “play ball” with some people who need access to certain federal funds.

AliBaba in a post which has been deleted from his Instagram page said the “cabals” needed to discredit Adeosun and put her out of the office and by that move replace her with someone who will dance to their tune.

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AliBaba wrote:

“I have talked with some people in the corridors of power. The certificate is not the real reason she resigned. It’s the reason given. It’s election year. Just like now, there are people who want access to certain federal funds, that only she has access to and she will not play ball.

“The best way is to discredit her, and put her out of the office, and by that move now let someone who will dance to their tune. It’s election season.

“Many people are getting the Kemi Adeosun NYSC matter wrong. She did not claim to have served. She came back to Nigeria when she had passed the age to serve. She was then advised to get a certificate of exemption. She did not think it was necessary because clearly she had passed the age.

“Then someone advised her to get it. Someone said, since she did not serve, because she was over the age to serve, all she needed was the certificate of exemption. They went and got it for her. The person who did, should have gotten her a legit one. She didn’t need to be present to get an exemption.

“So, it’s not that she claimed to have served and was issued a certificate for service she did not render. Many people have insurance cover and driving licence that they did not go through a proper driving test to get.

“How about Yellow fever vaccine card? Do you know how many people pick up their yellow fever card at the airport, only to reach their destination and are told it’s fake?”

The comedian also addressed Nigerians who had opined that Adeosun should be persecuted because ignorance is not an excuse.

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The ace comedian stressed that all corrupt public servant and Nigerians should be brought to book if found wanting and not only Adeosun.

Recall that the embattled former Minister of Finance, in her resignation letter said she was shocked by the outcome of the investigation done on the allegation that her NYSC certificate which she had earlier tendered as Commissioner for Finance in Ogun State was not genuine.

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She said she never knew the certificate was not genuine.

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AliBaba wrote;

“What is wrong is wrong… What is right is right. Kemi Adeosun should have gotten her NYSC exemption the right way. She erred. She must face the music. She broke the law.

“Resigning is part of it… But hey, I think budget padding, is a worse crime than a fake certificate. I think anyone who snatches the mace from the Senate should be prosecuted.

“I think The members of the house of representatives who collected bribe from @femiotedola should be in jail. I think failing to declare your assets is a crime. So is failing to pay your tax.

“So is taking government funds that were voted for prosecuting Boko Haram war diverting it to fund a party’s election. Kidnapping is a crime. So is rigging elections.

“Taking someone’s movie, and pirating it, is wroooooong. I MENTIONED THIS piracy matter BECAUSE, ONE GUY WHO IS CALLING ME OUT FOR TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT I UNDERSTAND HOW EASY IT IS, TO GET A FAKE EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE, he just sent me a nasty direct message, calling me all kinds of names and ended by saying a criminal act is a criminal act.

“I agree. Totally. But on the scale of things, he was the same person who said @Aycomedian should go and sit down and stop complaining about his movie being pirated, in his words “You have made enough from #30DaysInAtlanta, arresting boys who are selling your dvds (pirates *my word) who are trying to survive is tantamount to greed and inconsiderate, in this economy.

“As e don better for you no block others”. So stealing someone’s creative work is OK by the same person who believes a fake certificate should be punished. Hmmmmm. What other things are wrong that need to be dealt with and made right?”


Mary Kay Letourneau jailed for raping her 12-year-old student whom she later married, dies of cancer at 58



Former Washington middle school teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, who was jailed for raping her student, whom she later married, has died after months of battling stage 4 colon cancer.

Her lawyer David Gehrke told multiple news outlets Letourneau died Tuesday, July 7, of cancer.

She was 58.

Mary Kay Letourneau was a married mother of four having difficulties with her marriage in 1996 when she had sexual relations with Vili Fualaau, a precocious 12-year-old in Letourneau’s class at Shorewood Elementary in Burien, south Seattle.

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At about 1:20 a.m. on June 19, 1996, police discovered them in a minivan parked at the Des Moines Marina.

Letourneau, then 34, initially told officers the boy was 18, raising suspicions that something sexual was going on. But when they got to the police station, Fualaau and Letourneau denied there had been any “touching.”

They said Letourneau had been babysitting the boy and took him from her home after she and her husband had a fight.

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About two months after the marina incident, Letourneau became pregnant with a daughter fathered by Vili Fualaau. Their second child was conceived in 1998, after Letourneau had pleaded guilty to child rape and received a 7 1/2-year prison term.

Letourneau and Fualaau married on May 20, 2005, in Woodinville, Washington, after she finished serving time in prison.

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Fualaau and Letourneau had previously characterized their relationship as one of love, and even wrote a book together — “”n Seul Crime, L’Amour,” or “Only One Crime, Love.”

Their story was also the subject of a USA Network movie, “All American Girl.”

Letourneau and Fualaau separated in 2017. King County court records show Fualaau asked the court for a legal separation from Letourneau on May 9, 2017.


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FIRS extends tax debt payments to August 31



The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has extended the closing date of its waiver of penalty and interest window on tax debts owned by individuals and businesses from June 30, 2020, to August 31st, 2020.

Executive Chairman, FIRS, Mr Muhammad Nami, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday by Director, Communications and Liaison Department, FIRS, Abdullahi Ismaila Ahmad.

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Nami stated that the extension was a follow up to a number of palliative measures devised by the FIRS to cushion the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Nigerian economy in order to support tax-paying individuals and business entities in the country.

According to him, the latest extension applies to “Tax Audit, Tax Investigation and Desk review assessments, Approved instalment payment plans under Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) yet to be fully liquidated.”

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He added:

“Taxpayers are advised to note that there will be no further extension of this palliative measure.

“Tax debtors have been advised, “to liquidate their outstanding tax liabilities on or before 31st August 2020 in order to enjoy a waiver of accumulated penalties and interests.”

He also advised all concerned individuals and businesses to contact their respective;

“Tax Controller or the nearest FIRS Regional Debt Management Office in case of further enquiries”, stressing that “a list of all our offices is available on our website:”

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‘He offered me financial, emotional support’, 55-year old married woman caught in bed with pastor says



A 55-year-old Kenyan woman underwent cleansing rituals on Tuesday July 7, after she was caught engaging in sexual intercourse with a 52-year-old pastor, Moses Olutatwa on Monday July 6.

The lady identified as Jane Omwaga was caught in her matrimonial home at Elukho village in Lurambi constituency Kakamega County, after her husband, Josephat Omwaga who works as a security guard at a local market returned home unannounced.

It was gathered that the paramour who is a Pastor at Solid Rock for Jesus Christ Church in Lurambi where Jane fellowships fled from the scene, leaving behind his motorcycle and some of his clothes.

The mother of three who explained why she got intimate with her pastor, accused her husband of not fulfilling his sexual and financial obligations.

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Jane said;

“The pastor came to my home at 5am and knocked on my door, I let him in. We storied for some time and, thereafter, got in bed. We got intimate, and while at it, I heard my husband knocking on the door. The pastor and I hopped out of bed. I, thereafter, opened the backdoor for him (Olutatwa) to escape. However, my husband managed to open the main door and got in before the pastor could get far. However, my lover managed to pass through a barbed wire fence as my husband chased him with a panga in his hands.

“The pastor had seduced me recently. He said he wanted me, both emotionally and sexually. And, because he had shown that he had my interest at heart — by offering me financial and emotional support — I decided to allow him have sex with me. It was the first time he and I were getting intimate. My husband’s constant insecurity — that I was cheating on him — also pushed me to actually do it.”

Omwaga on his own part, said he won’t forgive his wife of 20 years for cheating on him.

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He said;

“Had I busted my wife having sex with the pastor in a sugarcane plantation or maize plantation, I would have forgiven her. However, she chose to disrespect me by bringing another man to our matrimonial bed, that is the highest level of disrespect, and I won’t tolerate it. I have made it clear to my spouse that I am divorcing her, and I would, thereafter, sell the parcel of land where our matrimonial home seats on, and relocate elsewhere.”

Before returning to her parents’ home in Khwisero Constituency, Kakamega County, Jane and Moses Olutatwa were asked to produce one cow each.

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Jackson Makale, a Luhya elder told K24 Digital that the act of offering a cow each, would shield the wrongdoers’ families against misfortunes such as mysterious ailments or even deaths.

Area chief, Alex Mutende also condemned the incident and further revealed that the police has launched investigations into the ”shameful incident.”

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