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TIPS! Seven signs to know your sex life is good, number three will shock you


TIPS! Seven signs to know your sex life is good, number three will shock you

Most time so many people base a good sex life on the actions that take place on the bed alone. No! this notion is very wrong as sex experts have shown that there are other habits we indulge in that actually guarantee a good sex life aside intercourse.

Below are seven signs that your sex life is good:

You feel empowered to ask what you want: This simply means you are not afraid to speak up. Great sex essentially boils down to one key element: communication. When you feel comfortable expressing your wants and needs to your partner, you will feel at ease and excited to try things out. A good sex is all about finding your perfect recipe,” which means talking it out, even when it feels awkward. Telling your partner what you want is important, but it’s just as important to discuss what you don’t want, whether it’s something that doesn’t feel good, or simply that you’re just not into it today.

Your communication is on point outside the bedroom too: When you feel connected with your partner on the less sexy things in life too. As crucial as it is to communicate about your sexual desires, it is even more crucial that you feel connected with your partner on other, less sexy things. So when you feel a close bond with your significant other, you’ll feel those good vibes radiate in all areas of your relationship, which will extend to your sex life. Feeling emotionally connected and wanted by your partner makes you more interested in sex. A good exercise to keep this up is to choose to spend at least an hour per week catching up on your feelings towards each other, one-on-one, no interruptions.

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You masturbate: When you masturbate it simply means you can set aside some time for yourself. It is a known fact that we are all busy one way or the other doing something. Whether you have been married for long or not, you should learn to take out some time on occasion to explore your own body and find out what feels good to you. Many people think of sex as something that requires two or more participants, but solo sex is an easy, healthy way to find out what you enjoy. Masturbation is good for both men and women, which means more masturbation leads to more partnered sex.

You are present during sex: Make sure your mind is not wandering. It is easy, especially in a long-term relationship, to have those moments where your mind drifts off elsewhere during intimate moments and it can happen out of nowhere, when suddenly you are thinking about the household chores, or something that happened at work, or something going on with your kids and suddenly you are feeling infinitely less sexy. But if you are generally having mindful sex, you are probably getting plenty of enjoyment out of the experience. Mindful sex doesn’t mean you’ll never have distracting thoughts. It means that you are able to let these distracting thoughts go without getting stuck on them.

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You are happy outside the bedroom: Your sex life has a lot to do with how you feel outside the bedroom. It is important to focus on your needs and your partner’s needs when it comes to sex, but sometimes knowing that you have a good sex life comes from the way you feel outside the bedroom. The truth is, sex relaxes you, so if you find that you are happier, lighter on your feet and have less stress over the small things, you probably have a good sex life.

You don’t take sex so seriously: You are willing to laugh about things. No matter how smooth and sensual it looks in culture, sex is often times awkward, clumsy, and weird. Even if you have insanely steamy chemistry with someone, anything can happen when it comes to sex. A position that doesn’t work, a move that results in a near fall off the bed, or even a bodily function that you didn’t anticipate. let’s be real, bodies do all kinds of strange things, but the most important thing is not to stress when an unexpected situation pops up. If you can laugh it off and carry on accordingly, you’ve probably got a pretty great sex life.

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You get what you want, but you are also giving too: It’s important to assert yourself so you can get what you are looking for, but sex with your partner is a two-way street. When you take the time to make sure your partner is happy and fulfilled, you’ll reap those feel-good benefits, too then both of you are satisfied. While orgasming is not the whole point of sex, the absence of orgasm is a signal that something else is missing, like comfort, info about what turns you on, arousal, time, and mutual respect. If you’re not on the same page as far as the timing of sex, take each other’s specific needs into account and alter your sexual schedule accordingly.

SOURCE: Insider

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