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TITHE & FIRST FRUITS! My conscience won’t allow me collect first fruits but I wrongly frightened people to pay tithes – Bishop Okonkwo [Video]


TITHE & FIRST FRUITS! My conscience won’t allow me collect first fruits but I wrongly frightened people to pay tithes – Bishop Okonkwo [Video]

The last seems to not have been read and heard about the controversies surrounding the payment of First Fruits and Tithes as preached by modern-day churches with two viral videos of Bishop Mike Okonkwo commenting on the topic.

The Bishop, who is the founder of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission church and a former president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, recently admitted he had been wrongfully teaching his members on the very controversial topic, tithing.

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The revered Bishop further lend his voice to the issue of First Fruit, saying his conscience had never allowed him to collect it.

He noted that one of his pastors was sent away from TREM for allegedly collecting First Fruits despite previous warnings.

He said,

A preacher came to me and said that brother you know you have a big church go all over the TREM other go and collect their first fruits. I will come be on the altar and teach them to collect first fruits. Do you know what you will be with first fruits? You know they know how to amplify FIRST FRUITS…

They pointed this one does this, this one does that. I said leave me alone, let me do the way God is leading me. I said it is not all about money.

You collect all the First Fruits and give to me; can you imagine that, can you imagine all the businessmen all profits you make… Now think of it all the points you made, all the businessmen, not only in headquarters oo, everywhere and you bring them at my feet. Even if I didn’t read it in the bible my conscience will not allow me.

There is one of our pastors who wanted to do it and I told him impossible and he went behind me and do it, it was what sent him out of this ministry.

It’s not every gift you take, take the one that you go to bed and sleep.

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The respected preacher further admitted he had in the time past preached frightening messages to his congregation just to get them to pay their tithes.

”If you don’t tithe, things will be tight for you” he listed this and some others as the erroneous words clergymen say to get their members frightened to give their tithe.

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He went on to add that Christians are to give to God willingly and not be cajoled or forced to give.

He said,

Unto frighten people with curse.
I have done that before, I have frightened people because I didn’t know anybody, I have frightened the church.
Frightening people to pay their tithe.
If you don’t pay your tithe your pocket would be tight. We conjure all types of semantics in other to get them.
He who refuses to pay a tithe would face a tight time and then the people are frightened to pay their tithe and what happened is that they don’t get blessed because they did it out of fear.
God want’s you to do it for him out of love.

Bishop Okonkwo speaks on tithing! – #FreeTheSheeple #Tithes

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