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Tosin Odunfa: I’m not the tattooed, muscle-bound man that sat next to Wole Soyinka on the plane


Award-winning media personality, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Tosin Odunfa, has said that he is not the controversial man who that sat next to Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.

Odunfa who is the founder of TERAOLIVE said a lot of people misinterpreted his earlier comment over the “seat space” saga, however, it was not his intention.

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Odunfa wrote;

Some still do not know and understandably so, that, No, I am not the person who sat next to Wole Soyinka on the plane.

Then why did I say I was, you may ask?

The controversial comment that many of you read about this tattooed, muscle-bound nanotech lecturer from an oddly named university was meant as a literary commentary so vivid and colourful that the label SATIRE would have been extra. Or so I erroneously thought.

No, it was not a prank but I realise now that I could have labelled it clearly as a commentary. A metaphoric, one. This would have averted the level of controversy it has caused. Kindly note that the comment has not been deleted as some reported it to be.

I took writing that comment very seriously and carefully worded each part to address a few issues. Even the part of being a lecturer at the fictional University of Mannittawiw, (which has now taken on a life if its own) was meant to be an overt clue to the nature of the commentary but I see that it was inadequately so.

The issues I raised which some of you got quickly were as follows:

1. Lets not judge the guy based on his physique, fashion sense and definitely not his age. What if he had an acceptable or even empathetic defense.
2. Our education system is in trouble and the state of History as a subject in the curriculum is a case in point. Some people in their 20s do not know Prof who is actually an Icon I hold dear.

3. The importance of inclusion – a united front of old and young, women and men in solving Nigeria’s complex problems. Not just one group.

Furthermore, I ran for office in deep rural Ogun state last year and remain forever changed by the process. I have become truly passionate about a few things: fairness, youth-gender-and-rural inclusion, education, and technology as the keys to the progress of our country.

I now automatically react at any stereotyping of young people by the patriarchy. Perhaps this is to blame for launching my literary art without fully making all necessary disclaimers.

For those who were offended, it was not my intention. Now, here’s hoping we can get back to the serious business of fixing this country.

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Buhari to address small businesses at 2020 MSMEs awards, entries open



In a bid to encourage small businesses in Nigeria amid the COVID-19 pandemic, President Muhammadu Buhari will address Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The address which would form part of the 2020 MSMEs award would hold July 16, Mr. Tola Johnson, Special Assistant to the President on MSMEs, Office of the Vice President.

Johnson who addressed a virtual news conference in Abuja on Friday said that in spite of the ravaging pandemic and its effects on MEMSe, the awards were still going on.

He, however, said that the award was only going to hold virtually, adding that the portal for registration would be open on June 1 and remain open for 30 days.

“The portal for this year’s edition of the award will be open on the 1st of June and it will be open for 30 days.

“Once the portal is open, SMEs across the country can go and nominate themselves in whatever category of their choice.

The award this year would be held on July 16, it would be a unique one because it would be virtual.

“All award recipients and other participants and guests will join the event via video conference from different locations across the country.

“This is in line with the established protocols for COVID-19 containment by the Federal Government through the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

According to Johnson, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will be coordinating the virtual awards.

“One unique thing we will be seeing this year is that President Muhammadu Buhari will be delivering a speech targeted at encouraging MSMEs across the nation.

“Interested and qualified MEMEs are to visit,” he said.

Johnson added that the attendant car, cash, and other prices would also be given during the awards regardless of the fact that it would be virtual.

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He said that all prizes would be sent to respective award recipients in their respective locations.

He added that the federal government would also inaugurate a 200,000 capacity Yam Storage facility for MSMEs in Zaki Biam, Benue, as part of measures to support MSMEs in the state.

He said that the yam storage facility was part of the government scheme to establish a shared facility to support MSMEs.

“The MSMEs Shared Facility Scheme of the federal government is one of the innovations from the National MSMEs Clinics.

“The vision is to provide necessary infrastructure and support facilities in production clusters across the country.

“So far, the federal government has completed two pilot schemes of the Shared Facility project in Oyo and Bauchi,” he said.

According to him, the categories for the awards include MSME Award of Excellence in Agriculture; MSME Award of Excellence in Beauty, Wellness and cosmetics; MSME Award of Excellence in Fashion & style and MSME Award of Excellence in Creative Art.

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Other categories were; MSME Award of Excellence in Leatherworks; MSME Award of Excellence in Manufacturing; MSME Award of Excellence in Technology Innovation and MSME Award of Excellence in Furniture & Woodwork.

Mr. Johnson further disclosed that the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), which is a partner in the awards, would be getting the information to all SMEs across the nation.

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According to him and other members of the team, SMEDAN will be reaching out to micro-enterprises that may not have access to the online portal and assist them with their submissions.

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Nigerian lady looks gorgeous after shaving off her hair entirely (Photos)



Not many people can dare to pull off a bald look. Many a time, we’ve seen actresses who for a movie role, would have to shave off every strand of their to play a character and would thereafter rock their weaves and wigs as they slowly grow their hair back because the look isn’t for them.

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Not many people can dare to pull off a bald look but @olowokerewilson on Twitter has proven that she can and the whole of Twitter is here for it!

@olowokerewilson wowed many on the social networking app when gorgeous photos of her rocking a bald look were shared on the platform. A lot of people have been taken aback by how stunning she looks with the look.

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@olowokerewilson who judging from her previous photos didn’t have much hair on her head before, certainly warmed hearts with her bright smile and cute dimples that can be seen in the photos.

See the photos below that have been loved by many,

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Pregnant lady calls for her boyfriend’s arrest for allegedly assaulting her



A pregnant lady has taken to Twitter to call for the arrest of her boyfriend after he physically assaulted her even though she’s carrying his child.

The pregnant woman took to the platform to call for her boyfriend’s arrest after he allegedly assaulted while pregnant with their baby.

The lady who is five months pregnant said she was pummeled by her boyfriend for calling the police for “putting his hands on her.

She also alleged that this is not the first time he is beating her up.

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@MuvaTone gave off the name of her boyfriend as Eric Reeves and further disclosed that he lives in Montgomery, Alabama. The Twitter user who revealed that she just found out that her boyfriend has also been beating his other baby mamas, said she has filed charges against him.

She Tweeted;

“If y’all see him at any Houston airports or train stations please CALL THE POLICE. I’m 5 months pregnant with his child and he beat the hell out of me for calling the police for putting his hands on me! If he make it back to Alabama he Will be free and this isn’t his first time.

“His name is eric reeves. He live in Montgomery Alabama. Yes i filed charges and so did the state i just found out he beat his other bms who also file charges and he still out here free to take down his next victim. I don’t need sympathy i just need his ass in jail.

“This the last thing imma say on it. Yes i called the police yes i file charges i don’t need twitter to do nun but keep a eye out for him if you’re at any airports or bus stations , that’s it that’s all I’m not weak I’m preg. & tired &i don’t care for some of you ignorant comments.

“For you “we need his side” ass weirdos in the comment! Like i said this not his first time… i just didn’t know he was like that.”

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