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TRENDING VIDEO! God barred my friend’s wife from entering heaven because she does not pay tithe, says RCCG pastor


TRENDING VIDEO! God barred my friend’s wife from entering heaven because she does not pay tithe, says RCCG pastor

A pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mike Nwanegbo, has said that his friend’s wife was barred from entering heaven because she does not pay tithe.

He said God also encouraged his wife to continue to pay her tithe.

In a video published on YouTube, Nwanegbo said it was wrong to insult men of God if you do not agree with what they say.

He said as a spiritual son of pastor Adeboye he wants to address the trendy tithe issue. He also admonished pastor Sunday Adelaja for faulting Adeboye’s tithe teaching.

He said,

“I think it is necessary to bring my voice to this issue. One, Pastor EA Adeboye who happens to be my pastor and my father in the Lord had made a statement that those who do not pay their tithe will not make heaven.

“Now whoever is criticising that statement, you’re criticising it because you never heard the whole story. You can’t just pick up a word and begin to criticise a person without hearing the whole story. You were not in that meeting and you never listened to all the teaching.

“Now Pastor Adeboye was talking specifically to his spiritual children. He was pouring out his mind to them about how he understood the scripture and as a man, he has a right to air his views on how he understands the scripture…
I do believe that we should respect our elders and respect people and their opinion…

“I think as his son the Lord it is my responsibility to answer and speak to you and speak to all those that you have been leading astray in the body of Christ…

“It is written in the scripture that on the last day’s people will gather around them, people with itchy ears getting people around them to preach what they want to hear.

“But the truth is that the scripture is unchanging, the scripture remains constant.
Can I bring something to clear on this issue?…

“Tithe is really a personal thing though it is absolutely the word of God and each person may want to interpret it the way they want but the word of God does not change…

“I was with a pastor today who specifically told me that the wife had a vision where she went to heaven but was not allowed to go in because she was not a thither in the church and not only that God specifically spoke to my own wife and encouraged her to go on paying tithe and God had encouraged me to go on paying tithe. Am a pastor but am a heavy tithe…”

Last week a viral video where Adeboye said anyone who doesn’t pay tithe would not enter heaven courted controversies.

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Listen to the rest in the video below:

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