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Tricycle rider returns iPhone to owner


Tricycle rider returns iPhone to owner

A twitter user, identified as Adeoluwa Billions @Gbaja_Adeoluwa, has expressed his heartfelt appreciation to an honest tricycle rider popularly called Keke Napep.

According to his tweets on Thursday, the Keke rider returned his iPhone which he left in his commercial vehicle after a phone call from him.

The Twitter user claimed that he was dazed by the Keke rider’s integrity and kindness and rewarded him an undisclosed amount of money.

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His tweets read;

“I boarded his Keke this morning in a hurry and I forgot my iPhone in his Keke, I only realize 30 minutes later that my phone was gone(I froze) then I called and he picked, he found me and returned it.

“I first did idobale and walked away, I came back and forced a cash gift on him.

“Then after waking away the third time cus I was too dazed by his integrity and kindness I ran back to him again and took this selfie so I can show the world my hero.

“Thank you, sir, for your labour of love…”

This rare act of sincerity has become an applaudable lifestyle by well-meaning Nigerians in time past. There have been cases of cab drivers returning briefcase filled with foreign currency.

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