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Twitter divided as lady claims 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, filled with toxic feminism

Nigerian girls


Twitter divided as lady claims 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, filled with toxic feminism

A Nigerian lady set Twitter Nigeria abuzz on Tuesday with her damning verdict about Nigerian girls.

She didn’t just throw a jibe at a large number of Nigerian girls, she also shook the Nigerian feminism table with her tweet which is presently dividing Nigerians on social media.

The lady identified as El Jefa tweeted via her Twitter handle @bougie_blackie and claimed 80% of Nigerian ladies are toxic and bitter.

She further stated that this category of girls are filled with entitlement mentality and toxic feminism.

She expressed her sympathy for Nigerian men who end up marrying such ladies, saying living with them is a hard knock life.

She tweeted:

“About 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, toxic, bi-sexual/bi-curious fucktards with pea-sized brains that shrunk as a result of their brain matter been sucked and pumped into their stupid female ego. It’s like they all drink from the same fountain filled with stupid entitlement mentality and intellectual handicap and toxic feminism.

“I legit feel bad for Nigerian guys that have to settle with these lots and I sympathise with them in advance cos it’s a hard knock life they’re heading towards, especially as their daughters would have these uncouth and morally degenerative swines to look up to. Tragic.”

Not long after her post emerged on the micro-blogging site, it caught the expected wildfire on Twitter as those who feel enraged by her verdict have been dragging her on the platform, calling her names for the tweet.

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Some described her as an attention seeker, while others also supported her assertion.


See some of the reactions:

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