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Twitter users drag Cynthia, Anita after admitting to false rape accusation



Twitter users drag Cynthia, Anita after admitting to false rape accusation

Twitter Nigeria was sent into another early morning frenzy on Monday following a thread from Anthony Okafor @ynotes_ claiming Cynthia Ugwudike (@cynnerr) who accused him of attempting to rape her friend Anita Kalu (@_Eggovin) had admitted that she lied.

Perhaps you have been wondering why ‘Cynthia’, ‘Tega’, ‘Anita’, ‘She’s 19’ all made Twitter trends on Monday, look no further, it is over an accusation of attempted rape that has turned out to be false.

In a series of tweets on September 4 Cynthia had alleged that Anthony attempted to rape her friend Anita during a visit to his house after going out together on a date.

Anthony wasn’t going to let the allegations fly, he slammed the ladies with a lawsuit demanding an apology and asking them to cease and desist from publishing further ‘defamatory’ post against him on social media and any other platform.

He, however, shared a series of secretly recorded audio from their meeting where they hope to reach an agreement to settle out of court.

Since he shared the audio on Sunday night, the ladies have locked their Twitter accounts following the series of reactions generated by the twist to their accusation.

While a tiny minority of Twitter users are making excuses for Cynthia’s actions because of her age as she is said to be 19 years old, other social media users are calling on Anthony to proceed with the court action so as to serve as a deterrent to others who falsely accuse people of crime not committed.

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One of their feminist friends, Tega, who was also said to be at the meeting has been lambasted by Twitter users for showing no remorse for the humiliation Anthony suffered when he was falsely accused by the ladies.

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A Twitter user wrote:

“Do you know how many lives have been ruined because they were wrongly accused of rape? Like how do you sleep at night knowing someone is in jail because your stupid lies? If Cynthia is found guilty, she should be jailed to serve as a deterrent to others not to use Rape for clout.”

Ogbuefi Okafor tweeted:

People are really trying to defend what Cynthia did based on her age, saying she’s 19. Just so you know,19 is an adult and can serve jail term. This and many more is the reason I love older women.”

Another Twitter user wrote:

She’s 19 ? Exactly why she should quickly go to jail, do a couple years and come out.. She can even still do 10 years and still make it in time for NYSC… Elewe-eran prison in Abeokuta preferably cos Cynthia and the Tega babes are Goats.


See some of the reactions:


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