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Umbrella locks entire company out of office for days [Photo]



Umbrella locks entire company out of office for days [Photo]

An umbrella has locked workers of an entire company out of their office space after falling on the floor, jamming the glass sliding door.

The company located at WeWork offices, a shared workspace provided for technology startups by an American real estate company, has been locked for three days, a social media user said.

A Twitter user Neeraj K Agrawal posted a picture of the locked office on Tuesday evening, saying no one has been able to figure out how to solve the problem as workers of the company have been forced to work outside the office.

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The umbrella was seen lying on the floor at a terrible spot that would be difficult to open the office sliding door except it is pushed off.

Agrawal tweeted:

“My friend’s entire company is locked out of their WeWork office because an umbrella fell, jamming the door. No one can figure it out. It’s been like this for 2 days.

“The number of people who have said they should just break the glass today is astonishing. There’s nothing important in there. Its 2019. Computers are portable now. Work just moved to a different office. No one is going to smash a pane of glass if they can avoid it.

And yes they tried the wire thing. It didn’t work.”

The tweet has since gone viral, with social media users offering different solutions on how to get into the office.

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None of the solutions has worked yet as Agrawal took to Twitter again on Wednesday to tweet an update about the deadlock:

“Let’s address some common suggestions: Take the door off: it comes off from the inside Go through the drop ceiling: there is no drop ceiling Slip something through the crack: there is no crack Use a magnet: the umbrella is non-ferrous. I just tested it with a magnet,” he said.

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As at the time of this report, the office is yet to be opened.

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