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Uproar on Twitter as lady claims she used menstrual blood to prepare food for cheating boyfriend


Uproar on Twitter as lady claims she used menstrual blood to prepare food for cheating boyfriend

Twitter Nigeria was sent into a frenzy on Saturday with some scary revelations made by ladies who claimed they have used ‘charm’ to subdue their partners.

Controversial relationship blogger, Dami Olonisakin popularly known as Oloni, in her usual way had asked ladies on Twitter to share with her a time they used charm to woo a man.

The first reaction on the thread of tweets sparked an uproar on Twitter as men became terrified by the revelation of the anonymous lady who claimed she used menstrual blood to prepared food for her cheating boyfriend.

The anonymous lady’s revelation:

The revelation and others sent chill down the spine of many men on Twitter as they called on other men to be weary of their relationship with ladies.

Popular Twitter philanthropist Matthew Amadichinma wrote:

Sola Adio, a relationship counselor tweeted:

Kelvin Odanz wrote:

“If you want to map out a section of women on Twitter that have psychopathic tendencies, just keep tab on Oloni’s thread. Today it is a thread of times they used charm to keep men against their will. Btw, men are still trash.Don’t forget that.Circus of strong independent clowns

“I am trying to imagine a thread where men talk about the bad things they did to get back at Ex’s who broke their heart. Or maybe a thread of times they used charm or other means to keep women against their will. This Twitter will be burning with fire and brimstone for weeks.

“Like I said sometimes back, if your girlfriend/wife is a huge fan of Oloni, just know you are dating a narcissistic lunatic. And can one of them please be arrested for some of these crimes they confess too? One guy should please make us proud. Lock some lunatic up pls”


See other reactions:



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