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Video: I can’t leave my husband because of one error, Omawunmi speaks on cheating


Omawumi Megbele

Ace Nigerian singer and songwriter, Omawumi Megbele, says she can’t leave her marriage because her husband made an error of cheating on her with another woman.

The actress said her marriage to her husband is an equal partnership hence she’ll prefer to talk it out with him.

Omawumi made these statements while answering questions from actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie during episode 4 of ‘Mercy’s Menu’ kitchen talk show.

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When asked if she would prefer if her in-laws tell her about her cheating spouse or educate her partner, she said, “They have to educate him about cheating, because if they tell me, I will kill him.”

Omawumi said, “No, never (there’s any possibility of leaving my house because of the one cheating error). I can’t leave because of that one error. It’s not a good way to do these things but you know, I call my husband my partner, it’s a partnership, na two of us na hin dey inside (we are both in the relationship together).

So, what you would not want me to do to you, don’t do it to me. It’s not feminism, it’s very simple mathematics. I didn’t say it’s equal partnership because my husband is the head of my home and it’s not feminism but when you go and cheat, and you say it’s by mistake, did you fall inside by mistake?

But he needs to explain to me, do you want to do it again? Those are the questions we would discuss and then he will pay a penalty under punishment like say you aren’t visiting home front again because you have gone to visit outside. It has never happened to me before, I and my husband are not saints but we are just blessed and you don’t know a man to the end.”

The music star further said “It’s not that I deliberately go out to be mean but you will not want me to cheat on you, so why would you cheat on me and are you going to cheat on me again? Because if you cheat on me again, you can be sure that I will cheat on you”.

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Omawumi however, said she’ll also find her way of punishing him like denying him sexual intimacy with her.

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The host, Mercy Johnson-Okojie also corroborated Omawumi’s take saying if she catches her husband cheating, she would rather talk about it with him and get the strange woman out of their lives.

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Speaking about joint account between couple, Omawuimi said she’ll prefer a woman having a joint account and also having her personal account.

Watch the cheating conversation part from 8:19:


Kemi Olunloyo to show off br3sts to dispel ‘padded bra’ claims



Kemi Olunloyo

WuzupNigeria earlier reported that investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, said ladies aged between 18 to 35 years who have saggy breasts sleep around a lot, a claim which she made known via her Twitter page.

Attaching a photo of herself showing her cleavage, Kemi Olunloyo went ahead and asked young ladies to take a look at her breasts, claiming they’re still firm despite being over 50 years of age.

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She then advised young ladies to always lockdown their boobs like oranges.

She tweeted:

“If you are between 18-35 and your breasts are sagging, you sleep around a lot. Hormonal loss. See my breast at 56yo Mama has spoken Lockdown your boobs like oranges.”

The talented journalist has now in a recent development tweeted that she will be showing her br3sts in her next tweet to dispel rumours of her wearing a padded bra.

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Refer to her tweet below:

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Mercy and me still romantically involved, says Ex-BBNaija housemate Ike



Mercy dumps Ike for new boyfriend, 'Mercenaries' react, hand him over to Titans

Ike Onyeama, ex-Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” housemate on Tuesday, said that he was still in a romantic relationship with ex-housemate, Mercy Eke, but yet to be engaged in the traditional way.

Onyeama, who is also a star of the “Mercy and Ike” show currently streaming on Showmax, disclosed in Lagos.

He said that the attitude of not posting Mercy’s pictures on his social media space and vice versa was a mere strategy to keep their individual fan base and brands strong.

He noted that they had been very supportive of each other’s businesses as they intentionally minimised posting their individual pictures on their social media handles.

“We are still doing our thing, we have not officially done the engagement or moved in together yet, but she comes to my place every other day and I go to her place as well.

“We still go to each other’s house and try not to overdo it, maybe stay the night or two, but not too much, just because of tradition.

“When it comes to business, things have gotten a lot better, before it was more like all of us as ex-housemates were in a competition with each other, but now, everyone is finding their place and we are all comfortable helping each other out.

“I will say the Mercy & Ike show was like a blessing because, before the show, we were both focused on our fan base and trying to keep our fan base strong, it was really an idea that promoting one another will weaken our brand.

“Like if I was to promote Mercy, it will weaken my brand or if she was to promote my brand it will weaken her brand, that is the kind of idea people were giving us.

“So, I am now going private, posting just myself and not showing anything about Mercy really calmed things down,” he said.

Onyeama said he had been so busy lately, involved in the promotion of his clothing line, photography and acting.
He said that his dream business was party promotion as he would love to own a club but this had not been possible due to financial constraints.

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He noted that the lesson taken from the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown was to be seriously engaged in activities that would drive in multiple streams of income.

“I am definitely interested in quite a few businesses, I have dreams of being in the electronics business, I have a clothing brand and a photography brand, I am selling perfume now and I just started a blog so I am spreading myself now, trying to get sources of income going.

“In an ideal world, my dream business is party promotion, I will love to own a club or some type of monthly event like the mainland block party,” he said.

The Ex-BBNaija housemate expressed his excitement over being acknowledged and called for films currently and this was spurred by his performance in Tinsel auditioning, Diane Russet’s short film and two other small movies.

“I love the fact that they called me for the audition for Tinsel, I don’t know if people had to see me make it real because after it aired, everyone started calling and saying, so you are an actor, come and do this and that.

“So from Diane’s short film to two other small movies I have done already, people have been calling me for roles, which feels really good,” he said.

Onyeama said that he had developed a good relationship with most of his fellow housemates like Venita, Kim, Diane, Tacha, Jeff and Mike as they related basically on business purposes.

“Those I talk to regularly are Venita, Kim, Mercy, Diane, Tacha, Jeff and Mike; we are all very close, they know that for me, I am all about the business, so usually when we are talking, it is business-related talks.

“I really like that because it is like a network of people now, I don’t have all the burden on my shoulders to go find work; they help me find work, especially Kim and Diane, even Mercy too,” he said.

The Ex-BBNaija housemate disclosed that he was presently in business collaboration with ex-housemate, Venita Akpofure, whom he described as highly creative with some good ideas.

“The collaboration has been really good, Venita has a whole different style from me when it comes to fashion and even décor, she has a lot going on business-wise – scented candles, pre-shampoos, conditioners and so on.

“We always talked about collaborating for the ice cream brand and her brand as far as designs.

“It is more of her helping with the designs, then we helping with the promotions, sales, and distributions, she really has some good ideas and creative stuff that I know, once it comes out, people will be like, ‘wow’,” he said.


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How I got news of my crashed marriage, Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife speaks



Blossom Chukwujekwu

Maureen Esisi, ex-wife of Nollywood’s Blossom Chukwujekwu, has shared how she found out that her marriage had failed.

Maureen took to her Instagram page to reveal how her father broke the news of her crashed marriage to her.

According to her, she was the last person to know her marriage had crashed and wondered how they got to that state.

She, however, added that she was not the perfect partner but was the actor’s best.

Her post on Instagram read:

“Worst day today, work sucked greatly, my heart sank too.

“Weird thing is by this time last year, exactly same date and same time, my old man broke to me the news of my marriage being over.

“I laughed for a long time, standing up from where I sat listening to him as he tried to find the best words to convey the message to me and I placed both hands in my pocket and paced the room silently as he looked at me waiting on me to say something.

“I pondered in my head about what I had just heard, why I was the last person to know it and how in the world we got there.”

Maureen further lamented about how African culture makes it difficult for a woman to move on and take it all in after a bad marriage.

“African culture makes it so that the woman must take it all in, she must understand no matter what, must subdue, never complain, learn to live with whatever, forgive even when she can’t, show happiness even when she is depressed, she must show strength even when she is weak but the man, He is allowed to NOT take shit (even the tiniest of it) He would even be praised for it. Life!

She, however, failed to give the real reason her marriage to Blossom crashed.

“September 11th in View; I will be 33, Someday, I will tell this story. I am happier, at peace, stronger, richer, single and free.

“I was not perfect, I will never be but I was his best!” she said.

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