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When people say churches have money, it is propaganda – Sam Adeyemi


The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, on Monday said that most churches in the country were financially stranded due t0 lack of financial management skills by their leaders.

Speaking at a news conference organised by the Christian Financial Accountability Association in Lagos, Adeyemi said that many churches spent money without proper monitoring and records.

“When people say churches have money, it is propaganda. At least 75 per cent of churches have less than 100 members.

“It is very little money they manage and out of that little money, they take care of widows and people who do not have.

“Most of the leaders of these churches don’t have financial management skills,” he said.

Adeyemi said CFAA was dedicated to helping these Christian organisations to facilitate financial accountability, ethical and governance standards.

“When these organisations are helped, even their finances will be better,” he said.

Also speaking, Mr Yinka Ogunubi, a financial expert and economist, said that the objective of CFAA was to ensure that churches ensure accountability, transparency and good governance.

“The church in Nigeria has always been instrumental in the country’s development.

“The issues we are going to be looking at are issues that are germane, which are based on accountability, transparency and governance.

“The CFAA is a self-regulating organisation made up of churches and Christian faith-based organisations that will promote ethics of accountability, transparency and governance,” he said.

Ogunubi who said no church would oppose accountability, adding that championing the course of Christianity and being accountable worked together.

“You cannot say you are championing the course of Christianity and at the same time you are afraid of being accountable,” he said.

He added that the conference was to lay the foundation, assuring everyone that the organisation would be run by professionals.

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CFAA would focus on education and enlightenment on corporate governance and accountability.

“Its end goal is to help churches become more effective and also comply with the mandatory government regulations,” he said.



‘He offered me financial, emotional support’, 55-year old married woman caught in bed with pastor says



A 55-year-old Kenyan woman underwent cleansing rituals on Tuesday July 7, after she was caught engaging in sexual intercourse with a 52-year-old pastor, Moses Olutatwa on Monday July 6.

The lady identified as Jane Omwaga was caught in her matrimonial home at Elukho village in Lurambi constituency Kakamega County, after her husband, Josephat Omwaga who works as a security guard at a local market returned home unannounced.

It was gathered that the paramour who is a Pastor at Solid Rock for Jesus Christ Church in Lurambi where Jane fellowships fled from the scene, leaving behind his motorcycle and some of his clothes.

The mother of three who explained why she got intimate with her pastor, accused her husband of not fulfilling his sexual and financial obligations.

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Jane said;

“The pastor came to my home at 5am and knocked on my door, I let him in. We storied for some time and, thereafter, got in bed. We got intimate, and while at it, I heard my husband knocking on the door. The pastor and I hopped out of bed. I, thereafter, opened the backdoor for him (Olutatwa) to escape. However, my husband managed to open the main door and got in before the pastor could get far. However, my lover managed to pass through a barbed wire fence as my husband chased him with a panga in his hands.

“The pastor had seduced me recently. He said he wanted me, both emotionally and sexually. And, because he had shown that he had my interest at heart — by offering me financial and emotional support — I decided to allow him have sex with me. It was the first time he and I were getting intimate. My husband’s constant insecurity — that I was cheating on him — also pushed me to actually do it.”

Omwaga on his own part, said he won’t forgive his wife of 20 years for cheating on him.

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He said;

“Had I busted my wife having sex with the pastor in a sugarcane plantation or maize plantation, I would have forgiven her. However, she chose to disrespect me by bringing another man to our matrimonial bed, that is the highest level of disrespect, and I won’t tolerate it. I have made it clear to my spouse that I am divorcing her, and I would, thereafter, sell the parcel of land where our matrimonial home seats on, and relocate elsewhere.”

Before returning to her parents’ home in Khwisero Constituency, Kakamega County, Jane and Moses Olutatwa were asked to produce one cow each.

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Jackson Makale, a Luhya elder told K24 Digital that the act of offering a cow each, would shield the wrongdoers’ families against misfortunes such as mysterious ailments or even deaths.

Area chief, Alex Mutende also condemned the incident and further revealed that the police has launched investigations into the ”shameful incident.”

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Couple who started hand sanitiser business in 2020 set to make £30m



UK couple who set up hand sanitizer business just 12 weeks ago are on a track to make £30million (N14.6b) from the business.

Husband and wife team, Andrew, 47, and Rachel Montague, 48, founded their company in March just as the pandemic hit and most of Europe went into lockdown.

The couple, who own a property investment and development company, have been developing commercial and affordable housing for the last 15 years.

But when the owner of Deeside Distillery got in touch with the pair in March to say he was stopping gin production and switching to sanitiser to help with the crisis, they jumped on board.

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The couple, who have four children – Sam, 21, Sascha, 17, Layla, 15 and Elianna, 12 – decided to stop work on their developments and lend a hand.

Their business, ClearWater Hygiene, produces high-grade hand sanitiser aimed at frontline workers and the wider public.

The business has since expanded and now has the capacity to produce more than 900,000 litres of its product every week.

The product contains 80 per cent ethanol liquid making it suitable for use in hospitals, care homes and other public health facilities.

Andrew and Rachel Montague now employ 12 full-time staff and eight contracted workers at ClearWater Hygiene’s headquarters in Leith, Edinburgh, and in other parts of Scotland and the UK.

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Speaking on how the business started, Andrew Montague said;

“As lockdown was being announced in March, we immediately saw the importance of reducing our reliance on imports and focusing on UK manufacturing.

“We ensured both health providers and private businesses could access high quality and fairly priced products which are now essential in the battle against the pandemic.”

He added;

“We are proud to be providing some much-needed support in the fight against Covid-19 by gifting our product to NHS charities while, at the same time, building a successful business. From a standing start just 12 weeks ago, we have seen a huge surge in demand for our products across the UK.”

The company has secured major contracts with corporate customers including the Post Office, JD plc, O2 Retail, BP, and Aldi, some of which are multi-year agreements, with an expected total contract value of £30m (N14.6b).

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The firm has made more than £3million in actual revenue since March and has donated products to NHS charities.They have also donated significant quantities of their products to UK National Health Service (NHS) charities.

The couple have played a vital role in tackling Covid-19 in UK with the supply of hand sanitizer.

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Remains of one of 43 students who went missing in Mexico more than five years ago identified



The remains of one of the 43 students who disappeared in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, more than five years ago without no trace has been  found by the Mexico authorities.

The identification of one of the bodies, known as Christian Alfonso Rodríguez Telumbre on Tuesday July 7, was done with the help of DNA testing and is a major breakthrough in the case which has left Mexicans dumbfounded, Mexican authorities have announced.

On September 26, 2014, 43 students from a teacher’s college in Guerrero state suddenly disappeared and investigations by the former Mexican administration of Enrique Peña Nieto concluded they were captured by police and handed over to the criminal group Guerreros Unidos.

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According to the investigation, their bodies were burned in a landfill and then thrown into a river in the municipality of Cocula — a theory that was termed, “the historical truth.”

But an investigation carried out by forensic experts in Argentina contradicted that hypothesis, causing the entire disappearance of the students to be shrouded in mystery for years.

When Andrés Manuel López Obrador took over as president of Mexico, he vowed to find out the truth, and then created a commission which reopened the investigation and started from scratch.

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According to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, the new discovery of the body comes from six pieces of remains which were sent to the laboratory at the University of Innsbruck in Vienna, Austria, where they were analyzed for months.

Contradicting the previous administration’s investigation, the body evidence, they said, was not found in the landfill or the river, instead they were found about 800 meters from “where the historical truth is created,” the attorney general’s office said.

“Without a doubt this marks the beginning of the new route in the investigation that not only collapsed the so-called historical truth, but also generates the conditions for the indications, the evidence, the investigations carried out to clarify the events that unfortunately happened in Ayotzinapa,” Mexico’s undersecretary of Human Rights Alejandro Encinas said.

“We have broken the pact of impunity and silence that surrounded” the case, Mr. Omar Gómez Trejo, the special prosecutor assigned to the case said at a news conference.

He added, “today we tell the families and society that the right to the truth will prevail.”

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