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Woman brutalises boy, locks him in dog kennel [Video]


Woman brutalises boy, locks him in dog kennel [Video]

A disturbing video of a woman brutalising a boy and locking him up in a dog kennel has gone viral on social media.

In the video, which was shared on Instagram by comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, on Sunday, the woman could be also seen flogging the shirtless boy on the back and on the head with what appeared to be a belt.

The 50-second amateur video, however, did not show what led up to the severe beating.

The woman repeatedly slapped the boy, who made inaudible protests and tried to resist being forced into the cage. The woman, however, pushed and kicked him into the cage housing at least two dogs.

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As she assaulted him, she could be heard saying,

“You think I’m joking with you, abi? You think you have power? Enter inside there. Let me hear pim! Enter inside there. Let me hear one noise.”

After locking up the boy with a large padlock, the woman walked away, presumably into the house.

Adeyinka, in his Instagram post, offered N20,000 to anyone who could provide relevant information on the woman in the video.

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He said,

“Good morning, I’m not sure if this video is old. I came across it today and I was shocked. I don’t think she should be allowed to get away with this. Anybody with useful information on this woman will get N20,000 from me. This is evil.”

Other prominent Nigerians also promised money for the identity of the woman.

Radio personality, Oladotun Kayode, popularly known as Do2dtun, said,

“I’ll add another N20,000 if anyone can find this woman.”

Media entrepreneur, Obi Asika, also described the beating as “beyond terrible,” adding that the dogs appeared traumatised.

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Asika said, “Clearly, (it is) not the first time she has locked him in the dog kennel. Something must be done”

An entertainment consultant, Akinwale Oluwaleimu, said,

“I’m adding N10,000, please.”

Also, the Senior Special Assistant to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on Political Matters (South-West), Ayodeji Joseph, said,

“I’m adding another N20,000 to this @gbengaadeyinka1stgcon. The woman must be an animal, though I want to believe it’s a movie.”

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