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Woman with both legs amputated attends top institution


Woman with both legs amputated attends top institution

More people are owning their reality and rising above life’s challenges to attain their goals, and audacious young woman, Adenike, with both legs amputated, is living proof that you can make lemonade from life’s bitter lemons.

Disability is visibility, you either stand out or bow out and more people are choosing to make their disability visible while they push beyond expected boundaries to achieve the extraordinary.

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Adenike, an inspiring young woman with both legs amputated, is making waves after gaining admission into the Polytechnic of Ibadan, Nigeria.

At age 5, while growing up, Adenike’s legs began to rot away, which necessitated a surgical operation to save her life.

Following the operation, she lost both legs, which stalled her education because it became necessary that she stayed home to recover.

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Her family had to do everything to make her survive the harsh realities of life.

Even after having a difficult childhood, she grew up to also have to conquer discrimination, her fears and the herculean problems life threw at her.

Despite her state and the financial difficulty, she did not stop believing in her capabilities and dreams.

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Adenike decided to go to school. Currently, she’s a student at the Polytechnic of Ibadan and recent photos of Adenike shows her full of smiles and cheers.


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